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Actual Writing

    When I was younger I used to roleplay on message boards. Not the kinky kind of roleplay, and nothing purely fantasy (that was for nerds). I participated in real life genres. I came up with a character, represented by a celebrity avatar, and whose biography was completely made up. I explored another personality, a side of celebrity completely falsified, yet all in the realm of possibility. It was an extension of myself but foreign.

    I explore how identity is informed by technology, which is mixed with a true and often falsified version of self. In an increasingly digital society, how do digital and physical identities intersect and differ from one another? I look at social and psychological aspects of how we watch, are watched, and watch ourselves; and how we can simultaneously belong and feel isolated within a contemporary network. Video communicates the slippage of constructed experience, and even of self. Rave culture, scene queens, and even Snapchat filters are used as tools to investigate female identity formation. This leads into how capitalism and neoliberalism inform identities and how much we participate in them to feel a sense of belonging.

    My work uses low craft materials, digital media, and familiar feminine objects, which is informed by cuteness, the cyborg, and girlhood. In digital culture physical items become dated, such as velour tracksuits, and I impart them with an imagined history through interventions. The gaze in my videos reference a chosen social media outlet, being critical in the way we choose to film ourselves. I use specific lighting and domestic materiality to create a stage where shared intimacy is currency.

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